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We need to play efficient low-cost creatures so that we can start attacking as quickly as possible. 2009-03-27 · Ok, Being new to magic, I would start out with the following ratios and they seem to get you what you need to get going. Land - 40% - Usually between 21-24 lands is what makes a decent deck and since you are starting out, I would suggest mono green to start with, but don't make a deck with more than 2 colors to start with max until you see the synergies of the colors. 2010-06-14 · Most things I've seen say do 40% lands, but the balance of creatures to spells is never there. I currently have a 60 card deck that contains: 24 lands, 24 creatures, and 12 spells.

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Image: Wizards of the Coast MTG Commander deck building ratio I love my rat deck! it is so fun to play. It's fairly simple, build up as many rats as possible, while keeping your opponents hands empty.

Magic 60 card deck ratio

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Magic 60 card deck ratio

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Build an aggro deck with nothing but one and two-drops and you will quickly run out of cards in hand. Deck Construction: Each deck must have ate least sixty cards with no more than four of any individual card other than basic lands. The Fifth Edition rulebook, March 1997, mentions only the 40-card deck size (pg. 1, pg. 10) and has no "House Rules" section.
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Magic 60 card deck ratio

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The numbers won’t match exactly, but they’ll be close enough. Musings – Can you cut a land on the draw?