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Solved: Custom Hatch Patten -

2012-02-13 · You have a fill pattern created from a .pat file, and you want to change the scale of the pattern. This is possible provided you have the original .pat file to work with. If you have the file, the following process will walk you through how to change the scale. This process works for both drafting and model hatch patterns.

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Chevron 300x100mm Hatch. Assuming that you really want the pattern you showed in your image, and that that pattern repeats in a tiled manner, the following will give that to you: *Tile_15x30_Ashlar, 15 x 30 tiles ashlar offset ;%TYPE=MODEL 0, 0,0, 0,45 0, 30,15, 0,90, 60,-60 0, 90,30, 0,90, 90,-30 0, 60,60, 0,90, 90,-30 0, 30,75, 0,90, 60,-60 90, 0,0, 0,30. You may be able to change the Model Pattern you have to a Drafting Pattern by simply opening the .pat file in Window's Notepad and changing the ";%TYPE=MODEL" to ";%TYPE=DRAFTING" and then saving under a different name. When you bring it into Revit as a "Custom" Pattern, you will be able to use the "Import Scale" size it properly. The picture to the left is the pattern in it's native form as a drafting hatch, the one on the right is the exact same hatch that I modified the .pat file so that Revit would recognize it as a model pattern.

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The first view is a single drafting pattern example CAD & Revit Hatches. Welcome to our library of CAD and Revit hatch patterns. Click on any of the hatches below to edit for free or download a .PAT file with a Pro account. Herringbone 400x100mm Hatch.

Revit model patterns

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Revit model patterns

With the lines selected, click the Make Pattern command. The following dialog appears. Enter a pattern name, decide on Detail or Model pattern and if the pattern will be created directly within the current project or written to an external PAT file.

Tiles in an octagonal, square arrangement.
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Revit model patterns

I added a hatch pattern to my REVIT.pat but it did not show up in my project file.

This should be close, except for the side. To Show the Siding Wall Pattern in Photorealistic Rendering 2013-06-06 · I have a site model that is linked into my building model. I cannot get the hatch pattern of the site model to turn off in the building model file.
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Since Revit and AutoCAD work well together, you will notice lines and hatches are separated into layers based on your organization in Revit. You can use available horizontal patterns or simply create a new one. Remember to use model pattern if you want to show it in 3D too. We apply this Revit pattern to the wall structure, as the exterior finish.